About Us

About Us

Why Choose Ducharme & Associates (D+A) for Your Corporate Bookkeeping and Accounting Services in Toronto and Ottawa

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About Us, Ducharme & Associates is a leading accounting firm based in Ontario, Canada. We provide accounting services catering to individuals, small businesses, and large corporations. Our team comprises experienced and qualified professionals with a deep understanding of Canadian tax laws and regulations. Therefore, we offer tailored accounting solutions that allow you more time to focus on your core business functions.

At Ducharme & Associates, entrepreneurs should spend valuable time growing their businesses instead of managing their books. We understand entrepreneurs and business owners' challenges and demands. From managing day-to-day operations to driving growth and success, your time is precious.

It should be focused on business development rather than being tied up in corporate bookkeeping and tax matters.

That's where we come in—allowing you to offload the burdens of financial management so that you can concentrate on what truly matters: expanding your business and securing new opportunities.

Our business model is designed to provide exceptional corporate bookkeeping, accounting, and tax support services tailored to our clients' unique needs in Toronto and Ottawa or any company in Ontario and Quebec with our virtual approach.

Here's why choosing D+A can be a game-changer for your business:

Cost-Effective Solutions

One key reason to partner with D+A is our cost-effective approach. Hiring a full-time bookkeeper and accountant can exert significant financial strain, particularly for smaller businesses and startups.

However, with D+A, you gain access to full-time professional expertise at a fraction of the cost of larger accounting firms.
This means you can benefit from comprehensive financial support without exhausting your budget, allowing you to allocate resources towards crucial business growth initiatives.

Comprehensive Range of Services

Our commitment to providing comprehensive solutions is another primary reason you should choose D+A for your corporate accounting needs.

In addition to corporate bookkeeping services, we specialize in corporate tax returns, personal tax returns, and strategic tax planning and advising.

Whether you're seeking assistance with financial record-keeping, tax compliance, or long-term tax strategies, our team is well-equipped to offer tailored and proactive support to drive your financial success.

Our Services

Bookkeeping Services

Our corporate bookkeeping services in Ontario and Quebec are tailored to help you develop a system to focus on your business, as our team focuses on keeping your financial records organized and up to date.

Managing your financial books can be time-consuming, so we offer a full-time bookkeeper service to support your operations.

Corporate Accounting and Tax Returns

Our team of experts specializes in handling corporate tax returns and sales tax filings. Our in-depth knowledge of tax laws makes us hard to beat when preparing and filing accurate returns.

We ensure that we file these returns promptly and provide clear financial reporting. We aim to minimize your tax bill and maximize the money getting to you, the client.

Personal Tax Returns

We don't just stop at preparing your corporate tax returns; we also handle personal tax returns for our clients. We aim to minimize your tax bill and maximize the money that gets to you.

Customized Accounting System Set-Up Solutions

One of the biggest issues we see with many new clients is inefficient corporate accounting systems. That's why we offer customized accounting system set-up solutions for our clients.

Whether it's a lack of automation or direction with the accounting processes, we have plenty of experience with different software and can help steer you in the right direction.

Virtual Accessibility and Flexibility

The global landscape is evolving, and so is how we do business. D+A has leveraged cutting-edge videoconferencing technology to extend our exceptional corporate bookkeeping and accounting services to companies in diverse locations.

This ensures that our expertise is not limited to specific geographic confines—thanks to our advanced virtual approach, we proudly serve clients in more places.

Our online engagement option ensures that businesses in Ontario and Quebec can access our services conveniently, allowing for streamlined, time-efficient interactions without the constraints of physical distance.

Experience and Expertise

With a clientele that spans sole proprietorships to large corporations, D+A is proud to bring a wealth of experience and expertise to every engagement.

Our team understands the unique challenges faced by businesses of varying scales and provides tailored, results-oriented support.
Whether you run a small business seeking a fundamental financial organization or head a large corporation needing advanced accounting strategies, our team has the proficiency and adaptability to address your specific requirements effectively.


D+A is dedicated to helping you optimize your time and resources, minimize financial stress, and maximize your business potential. By choosing us, you gain cost-effective and comprehensive financial services and a committed partner focused on your success.

We are here to give you the freedom to drive your business forward and ensure that your financial matters are in expert hands. Let's collaborate to propel your business to new heights—a future of financial empowerment awaits with Ducharme & Associates.