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A quote that we continually say at D+A is, “Spend time on your business, not in your business.” With our corporate bookkeeping services in Ontario, our goal is to develop a system so that the business owner can focus on their business while keeping their financial records organized and up to date.

Your fiscal year-end can be quite a stressful time. Let us help you in handling your corporate tax and sales tax filings. We believe in filing these returns in a timely manner, communicating clearly with you the client, and providing clear financial reporting.

The final puzzle piece with any business’ taxes is the filing of the shareholders’ personal tax returns. Just like when we work with your corporation, our goal is to minimize your tax bill and maximize the amount of money getting to you, the client.

The biggest issue we see with a lot of our new clients is inefficient corporate accounting systems. Whether it is a lack of automation or a lack of direction with the accounting processes, we have plenty of experience with a variety of software and can help steer you in the right direction.

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Why Choose Us

What's our philosophy at D+A? First and foremost, it's that entrepreneurs should spend their valuable time growing their businesses. As a business owner, every minute you spend on corporate bookkeeping and taxes is a minute you're not following up on new leads or chasing down that new client.

Let us do the work of bookkeeping and accounting for you in Toronto and Ottawa. Our business model allows us to be extremely cost-effective for our clients, as we provide the services of a full-time bookkeeper and full-time accountant at a fraction of the cost of the larger accounting firms. In addition to corporate bookkeeping services, we also specialize in corporate tax returns, personal tax returns, and tax planning and advising.

D+A is proud to work for over 70 clients ranging in size from sole proprietorships to large corporations. We've recently expanded our roster of clients, using videoconferencing technology to provide the same level of excellent corporate bookkeeping and corporate accounting services to more clients, living in more places. With the option to engage our services entirely online, we can now accommodate any company in Ontario and Quebec. By moving to this virtual approach, we can also save you time – time that can be invested back into your business.